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Who am I?

Mentoring......................What is it I offer to you


A mentor is not someone who walks ahead of us to show us how they did it. A mentor walks alongside us to show us what we can do. (Simon Sinek)


I have been trained by Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Brendan Bruchard, Mort Fretel, Jay Shetty, Brene Brown, Jim Rohn & Tim Ferris to name a few. I have worked in the corporate world for 20 years and have had business and personal coaching and mentoring throughout my career.


I have consolidated all that I have learnt in addition to extensive personal development courses and research to create my 6 week mentoring programme. This is really to give a foundation and it may inspire you to consider learning from some of the mentors I have learnt from above or find others for yourself. My aim is to serve you and share what I have learnt and the positive impact it has had. What I have learnt is universal to everyone and is very common sense, but common sense is not always common practice.


My personal experiences are profound and other people I have worked with and trained with have also found some of these very simple principles have a huge impact on their lives


I am married with 2 children and have a successful career in the corporate world.


I had a very happy, safe and secure childhood and too all intents and purpose I enjoy  a successful if not relatively ‘unremarkable’ life. What I mean by this to be clear is that I am extremely fortunate and have worked very hard for all I have. What I mean by unremarkable is, I have not had to deal with any real significant trauma or crisis and so do not have a traditional story of survival against all the odds!


I am a very pragmatic and practical person who is straight talking and straight thinking, I have an ability to boil things down to the basic facts and this skill has served me well in my life.


I am extremely grateful for all that I have and I continue to work hard. I know a lot of people are not as fortunate and so I do not for a minute take for granted my wife, children, family and career.


I have always been interested in self- development and working the corporate world this goes with the territory. I did arrive at a point in my life when a number of things converged and I discovered that something was missing and I wanted to know what!


What led me to this point and what I have to offer is that amid all of external help and experiences I have had and the different techniques I have used is that there is one core set of techniques that can be applied to family, relationships and career. Some insights are so obvious and so obviously not understood and mastered by many people myself included before I discovered it. Once I had understood this and implemented it consistently it has transformed my life's journey.


The technique I have discovered cuts across all traditional approaches and essentially exists in most of the approaches to self improvement and resilience.


Today I continue to use this technique and it has had a significant impact on my wife, children and family and also significantly improved the leadership of my teams at work.



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