Simplicity is the key! We live in a complex world and complexity is pervasive. Simplicity is what we should all strive to achieve. Simplicity requires inner focus.

How Simplicity Can Work in Reality

  • How you choose to show up every day and in every situation is your choice…… does not matter what else is happening or how others are behaving you can choose to be the ‘best you’.
  • You do not need to respond to other people’s drama, you can be sensitive and have empathy but you can choose not to become involved in their complexity.
  • Everything you need to be satisfied comes from within you……………it is not the external factors that give you this.
  • In our constant strive to achieve what we have set out to achieve we can easily lose sight of what is truly important.

You need to on a daily basis hit complexity with a ‘simple stick’…………… have within you all you...

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BULLET POINT BLOG! Inspirational Speakers

What is inspirational

  • It is you that gets to decide this
  • Most people think this has to be a something big and ground breaking
  • Most of what is inspirational is small and obvious...the key is in its application

You can be inspirational

  • We all have a story
  • Everyone's story is unique and special
  • A lot of people do not think they have a story or it is 'not big enough' to be was not life or death for example

We at the Life Mentor can help you discover your story 

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BULLET POINT BLOG! Motivational Speakers

A Different Perspective

  • Motivational speakers can inspire
  • They share a different perspective 
  • They leave you with the choice about what you do next
  • This is a huge industry globally

How it can help

  • Sometimes in life we need help
  • Personal growth is a key component in living a truly fulfilled life
  • Enjoying 'life's journey' is illusive for many people as we spend a lot of time dwelling on the past or thinking about the future and we miss 'THE NOW'

You can purchase our program simply by visiting our website The Life Mentor.

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THE BULLET POINT BLOG! Online Life Coaching Courses


  • Stress is part of our day to day lives
  • Taking care of yourself is something everyone knows
  • Common sense is not always common practice!

A Coach

  • Coaching is future focused
  • Coaching puts you in control and give you the choice to do things differently
  • A new perspective is sometimes all that is needed
  • Change does not need to be 'big'. It is micro changes that have the biggest impact

It is important to make time for YOU!. Also invest in your future YOU.

The Life mentor provides you with extensively well-researched life coaching. We assure you that if you are not satisfied with the results we give 30 days money back guarantee.

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THE BULLET POINT BLOG!!! - Online Personal Development Courses


  • People are living their lives constantly 'switched on'
  • There is competition in everything from personal lifestyle to professional goals.
  • This is before you consider all the technology 'distractions'
  • All we all want to do is be our 'best selves' 

How we can help

  • Do you want to feel grateful
  • Do you want to feel you are living with purpose
  • Do you want to feel in control with out having to appear to be in control
  • We help you implement simple techniques that have a profound impact




Visit our website The Life Mentor to purchase my personal development program .

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